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Learn How to Prevent Air Quality Health Concerns with SST’s AQ-Alert+

Deprived Indoor Air Quality can shrink a person’s ability to execute specific mental activities requiring concentration and memory. Dry itchy eyes, fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea are all symptoms an individual can experience when in an environment where the air quality is poor. Carbon Dioxide is taken to be the main indicator resulting in inadequate conditions for teaching, learning and overall performance in places of work.

Ventilation systems incorporating carbon dioxide monitors can be designed to provide optimum indoor air quality to keep individuals alert in any environment where the air quality is poor and causing concern.

SST’s AQ-Alert+ Environmental Monitoring System was designed for the surveillance of air quality in any building in order to combat these wide spread issues resulting in benefits such as improved comfort and health.


Why Choose SST’s Air Quality Monitor?

The AQ-Alert+ offers benefits including;

  • 5 sensor options available – CO₂, O₂, Temperature, Relative Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure
  • Maintenance free
  • Stand alone or integrated into YOUR building management system
  • Customer specified outputs (voltage, current, relays, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, LEDs, Buzzer)
  • Standard or customer specific alarm levels
  • Self-calibrating


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While most customers choose a monitor from our range of standard products, the configuration of the AQ-Alert+ may be defined by the user, making it ideally suited for use in a wide range of applications with varying requirements.

Where to use the AQ-Alert+?

  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Office buildings
  • Private Housing
  • Health Buildings
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities
  • Utilities and Industrial Areas
  • Social Housing
  • Retail Buildings
  • Community and Amenity Buildings


What Our Customers Say…

“I wanted to thank you for your time, patience, expertise and support…your sensors have performed perfectly…I have a number of competing products that were sent to me but none of them close to competing with your sensors”

Eutectic Solutions

“Your sensors are doing really well in service… the reliability is significantly better”

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc

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