Optical Level Sensors: 5 Advantages over Float Switches

SST’s optical liquid level sensors are used all over the world and a wide range of applications. From run-dry pump protection, leak detection and high and low alarm systems. They are used to protect vital machinery, to detect level of fluids in vehicles and also to tell when there is liquid where it shouldn’t be.

SST’s Optical Level Sensors have many benefits over conventional Float Switches and we’re going to discuss 5 of them in this article today.

  • Compact Size

  • Solid State

  • Sensitivity

  • Scope of Applications

  • Customisation

Compact Size

Only the sensor tip has to be in the process, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium or maybe there is obstacles in the tank, such as agitators.

Liquid Level Low
Liquid Level Middle
Liquid Level High

Solid State

SST Sensing’s optical liquid level switches are solid state, so there are no unreliable moving parts to get clogged, broken or corroded.


Our sensors need a tiny amount of liquid for the sensor to change state, again this sometimes can’t be the case with a float switch, where you need quite a lot of displacement for the float to move enough to change.

Scope of Applications

Our sensors come in a wide range of chemically compatible plastics and glass. It can be used to detect almost any liquid, including most oils and emulsions. They can also be used in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.


Here at SST we pride ourselves on being able to supply the correct sensor for your application. If our standard range of sensors don’t suit, then our engineers have the experience and knowledge to design a bespoke sensor for your application. Be this changing electrical termination, process connection or even the output state of the sensor itself, these are well within our capability and something we are more than happy to do.

So to summarise, our sensors are small, solid-state and sensitive, suitable for a wide range of applications and can be customised to suit your needs.

So if you are a design engineer or manufacturer and you are looking for a small, robust level sensor from a company who is flexible enough to meet your application needs, then get in touch with us at SST Sensing where we will be more than happy to help.

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