Complete Customised Oxygen Sensor Solutions

SST has developed their zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor range from its simplest form into complete customised oxygen sensor solutions tailored to meet customers’ exact requirements. Whether that be modifying electronics and software, changing outputs, adapting housing or thread styles, SST will go the extra distance to ensure they meet customers specifications.

In many applications there is a need to monitor oxygen levels – sustaining low oxygen levels, preventing oxygen depletion, improving combustion efficiency and for fire suppression.

SST Sensing Ltd has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of rugged, robust and reliable Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors for the combustion and aerospace industry for over a decade. Traditionally, typical applications for SST’s oxygen sensors were, and still are, for suppressing oxygen levels via fuel tank inerting systems in most civilian aircrafts around the world, and helping customers optimise their combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market. Although these were the primary target markets for these sensors in the past, SST has learned over the years that their oxygen sensors are suited to a much greater range of applications.

As a result, SST has developed the product range from its simplest form (a basic sensor) into complete oxygen sensing solutions with integrated electronics offering digital or analog industry standard outputs, removing the need for customers having to implement their own electronics.

O2S_FR_T2SST understands that customer needs vary and can be very specific. No one sensor is perfect for every installation which is why SST offers customisation on their oxygen sensor range in order to meet customers’ exact specifications. Whether that be adding or modifying electronics and software, changing outputs, adapting housing or mounting features, adding cabling, connectors or environmental protection, SST consider all options and will work with customers on a standard or customised sensor solution to ensure they receive a product that meets all their expectations.

editorial2More recently, SST’s oxygen sensors have played a significant role in the reduction of oxygen in controlled atmosphere shipping containers that prolong the life of perishable goods during transportation. SST’s sensors are helping to reduce pollution and harmful gases in industrial plants (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems). They are being used to warn of dangerous levels of oxygen when storing or handling gases and chemicals and in sustaining low oxygen levels in fire suppression systems for protecting valuable equipment such as servers, and in document and historical archives. Even when composting organic matter, SST’s sensors are playing their part by monitoring the oxygen levels and thereby greatly increasing the rate of compost production.

Unlike other technologies, SST’s range of reliable and accurate oxygen sensor solutions offer a long operating life due to the non-depleting sensor cell technology and robust construction. No reference gas is required and easy single point calibration can be performed in fresh air. Their robust and rugged stainless steel design allows them to function in wide oxygen measuring ranges, operating temperatures and high pressure environments.

To speak to SST’s engineers regarding your application requirements, Ask the Expert today! SST’s engineers work directly with their customers’ engineers to provide complete application and technical support regardless of what type of sensing solution is required.

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Probe Zirconia Oxygen Sensors

Probe Oxygen Sensor

The Probe Range of zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors are available in three lengths. Suitable for aggressive and polluted applications such as boiler exhausts. Longer probes are an ideal solution for thicker walled, insulated flue pipes.

OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

The OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser is suitable for measuring in oxygen closed systems, such as ventilation pipes and boiler exhaust flues.

Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System

Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System

The Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System offers a complete solution, removing the need for customers to develop their own electronics. Frequently used in combustion control systems, burning coal, oil, gas and biomass and in oxygen generation systems.


OXY-COMM Oxygen Analyser

The OXY-COMM Zirconia Oxygen Analyser is designed for controlled atmosphere applications such as refrigerated transportation containers and fire prevention.

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