Custom Products

The customised solutions below were designed in response to customer demand.

Whether that be adding or modifying electronics and software, changing outputs, adapting housing or thread styles, adding cabling, connectors or environmental protection, SST consider all options to ensure we satisfy the customers’ requirements. SST’s application engineers work directly with our customers’ engineers to provide complete application and technical support in order to develop customised solutions that will meet their exact specifications.

Water ingress-leak detection sensor

Water ingress/ leak detection sensor

  • Application: Detecting the unwelcome presence of liquid leaking into an enclosure
  • Environment: Monitors within the frame of a server cooling system for leakage of fluid from the system into the server room enclosure
  • Connector: Supplied with flying leads to fit to customer screw terminals. Wires exit the sensor housing at 90degrees to minimise mounting space
  • Output: Triggers a high output to alarm on fluid detection
  • Custom housing/Electronics: Low profile M12 x 1- 8g Polysulfone housing with an operating temperature from -25°C to +80°C
    LLC100D3SH Type 1 housing with side exit wires

Level Switch for Automotive Header Tank

  • Application: Coolant header in tank within mobile construction equipment
  • Environment: Exposure to high vibration with a lot of movement over harsh outdoor terrain
  • Connector: Packard automotive connector
  • Special Output: Failures such as broken wires can be detected by setting the high or low output voltage set between the supply and 0V
    • Vs = 5VDC
    • Output high = ~4VDC
    • Output low = ~1.5VDC 
  • Custom Housing: 1/4″ NPT thread, stainless steel housing. Required for the high torque fixing to the tank where plastic housings may check or shear. 
Header Tank
Commercial Vehicle LL 2

Level Switch for Diesel Filter Bowl

  • Application: Dual system on board commercial vehicles. Sensor is in the diesel condensate trap on CNG powered vehicles indicates when there is a high level of diesel in filter bowl, meaning that it should be emptied at the next service opportunity.
  • Environment: Exposure to diesel fuel, high vibration and high pressures (> 120 bar burst pressure)
  • Connector: ISO 15170 3-pin automotive connector
  • Special Output: PWM output signal: failsafe option which indicates if sensors has failed or the connecting cable is damaged.
  • Additional Electrical Spec: Transient over voltage protected input and short-circuit protected output.
  • Custom Housing: M14x1.5 thread, 303 stainless steel housing, polysulphone tip.

Level Switch for Underwater Gearbox

  • Application: Underwater gearbox. Sensor is submersed 90% of the time. Tip of the sensor is in a gear box to indicate low oil level and prevent a run-dry scenario.
  • Environment: Rear end of the sensor and cable termination is in salt water, wire will be occasionally moving. 
  • Connector: AMP Superseal 1.5 series connector 
  • Cable: 1m of 3-core cable with specially selected jacket material suitable for use in sea water, fuels and oil with protective corrugated outer tubing 
  • Special Output: High in air output to the ECU of a boat
submersed LL
Coolant level sensor

Coolant Level Sensor for Engine Radiator

  • Application: Coolant level sensor in the radiator of an engine for off-highway vehicles and generators. Replacement of a 242985 Gems Capacitive Level Sensor
  • Environment: Up to 125 degrees Celsius, high vibration, movement of reservoir and sloshing of liquid occur
  • Connector: Integral 3-pin Deutsch DT04-3P connector 
  • Output: N-Type, low in air (GEMS “Dry Sink” equivalent); programmed with actuation delay of 5 seconds for use in moving liquids
  • Custom Housing: 1/2″ NPT thread with brass housing

Level Switch for Automated Cleaning Process

  • Application: Automated cleaning/maintenance machine for medical tools. Monitoring water and oil levels during processes for external sterilisation and internal gear lubrication. 
  • Environment: Retrofit into a very small space and designed to be a drop-in replacement for an obsolete sensor. 
  • Connector: JST connector with short cable, all standardised to customer’s requirements and connections
  • Output: Special high-in-air configuration and designed to allow operation close to reflective surfaces
  • Custom housing/Electronics: Entire design of electronics and housing had to be shortened. This affected both the PCB and housing designs

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