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Recognising the importance of a happy and healthy workforce is the main driver behind SST Sensing’s approach to developing a flexible working culture. Understanding the needs of employees and how to support them helps nourish relationships on an individual level and also allows this successful business to continue growing. People have a whole range of personal circumstances and challenges to manage out with work; from caring for sick parents, to young children and many more besides. Empowering them to design working patterns that allow for a better work life balance helps to ensure they feel valued and supported. This also results in reduced absenteeism, improves morale and motivation, which ultimately enhances the performance of the business. Good for the people and good for the business.

Being a modern, forward-thinking company, finding new and innovative ways to support employees is seen as an investment for the future at SST Sensing. Here are some of the things we do to help make SST Sensing a great place to work:

Winning insights

9-day working fortnight, every second Friday is non-working day for operational staff

Compressed hours contracts reducing days worked in week

Holidays converted from days to hours increase flexibility

Term time holidays

Option to return to full time hours once children are above school age offering more financial security

Accommodating school runs and caring responsibilities with flexible start and finish times

Phased reduction in working hours easing into retirement

Living wage salary recognition with an annual increase and twice-yearly bonus scheme

Cash award recognising long service with increased annual leave

Extra weeks holiday plus one week’s salary as company wedding gift

Private healthcare and life insurance for all staff

“SST’s realistic approach to modern day family life is refreshing. Having a young family and juggling work with family life is hard. I reduced my working hours when I was not coping, I have flexible starting and finish times for school runs. I work term time holidays, get time off to attend medical or school appointments, have the option to work increased hours when child care is not a problem boosting my monthly salary, I cannot praise SST highly enough for everything they do to support me and my family.”

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