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Float Switch Technology Replacement With Electronic Sensor For Cost Reduction

Our customer was using a stainless steel electro mechanical float switch to measure high levels of oil in a tank. The float switch had an M18 stainless steel thread and was electrically specified at 240v AC or 24v DC (The customer was using the 24v DC option) and the customer stipulated that the M18 mounting thread and the electrical configuration could not change. There were an number of issues –

  • Space Constraints – The float switch length was 25mm and therefore could only be used in the larger tanks provided by this   customer.
  • Reliability – As the float is a moving product, there were occasions where the switch stuck due to the build up of residue or particulate, this caused false readings.
  • Cost – Product cost reduction was desirable – Float switch cost €52.20

By taking one of our LLC liquid level sensors as a building block, SST selected an M18 threaded stainless housing and mounted the required electronics into the housing. We were then able to offer the customer the same mounting and electrical configuration.

The space intrusion into the tank reduced to 7mm, there are no moving parts with the SST Electronic Sensors and therefore the reliability issue was solved and the price reduced by over 40%.

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