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  • Marketing literature such as technical datasheets, application notes, construction notes, technical schematics, product catalogues and brochures.

If you cannot find the information you require in our Help & Advice section under Resources or FAQ’s, please just Ask The Expert NOW!


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  • You’ll get only lean sensor solutions that save you money, time and technical resources
  • You’ll get a response that meets your technical and commercial requirements exactly
  • You’ll get a solution that works
  • And if we can’t solve your problems, we’ll even identify other suitable sources and give you their details/products.

Why We Know Just How To Help You

  • SST has been providing robust and reliable sensor solutions and control products to business to business customers for over 10 years.
  • Our expertise is extensive
  • Our technical marketing literature is very well written, clear and concise and provide excellent instructions on how to install and use the sensors with great success.
  • We receive a vast amount of technical queries on a weekly basis, and there are now not much we don’t know how to answer, so please just Ask!
  • We use six-sigma system for all of our design and manufacturing processes. This ensures that we deliver the right solution for your application

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