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As the demand to measure greater amounts of information within our environments grows as does the demand for electronic sensors. This in turn increases the amount of suppliers on the market. To remain competitive, SME (Small to Medium Size Enterprises) sensor manufacturers must continually review their product and service offerings in order to remain key partners to their customers. A distinct advantage that SME manufacturers have over larger companies is their ability to be flexible and respond to variations in product specifications and customer requirements. Decision making in large multinational companies is often a slow and regulated process whereas SME’s can make decisions within hours rather than weeks.

SST Sensing Ltd has identified this as a very desirable service to our customers and we have invested heavily to ensure we offer high specification and reliable products but have combined this with a comprehensive technical, customer service and logistical support. We offer engineering support to all of our customers who require advice and technical assistance in selecting and implementing our sensor into their systems and applications. The sensor is often a key component in the successful operation of any product and ensuring the correct technology for the application and environment is selected at the outset can save a great deal of time, resource and capital. Our engineers have many years experience in designing sensors into products for most environments and industry sectors and we have specialists in physics, electronics, software and mechanical design, all in house and all geared towards customer support.

In addition, once the correct product is specified our engineers will customise this to give our customers a bespoke solution which exactly meets their needs. This may include environmental protection, additional electronic designs, cables, housing and connectors.

We also realise the importance of logistical support and work closely with our customers to offer a range of options for scheduled or short lead time deliveries and safety stocks.

At SST we understand musically crown without human verification that the customer relies on us and are there to support them from concept to aftermarket.


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