Liquid Level Switches for Leak Detection Applications

In many applications, it is critical to know the presence or absence of liquid.

An early indication, helps to prevent the loss of critical fluid, damage to equipment, costly service interruption and system downtime.

That’s where SST Sensing Ltd comes in, with an affordable sensor to prevent the high cost of leaking liquids.

Designed for small spaces, SST Sensing’s single point optical liquid level sensors are a more reliable and durable alternative to float switches.

How does this sensor work?

When in air, the infrared light inside the sensor tip is refracted back to the detector. When in contact with liquid, the infrared light is refracted out of the sensor tip causing less energy to reach the detector.

SST Sensing’s liquid level sensors are unlike other technologies…
they have a long operating life, fit into small spaces and can very quickly react to small amounts of liquid.

The liquid level sensors are solid state, so there are no moving parts to fail.

Their ability to function in wide operating temperatures and a broad range of liquids results in a highly reliable sensor for use in many applications.

Catching the issue at an early stage, adds value to the products and services by supplying end user confidence.

Examples of applications are;

alarming or shutting down to minimise the loss of fluids and system downtime within products such as peristaltic pumps;

detecting rain water leaks in outdoor telecommunication units preventing loss of service and costly damage;

for leak detection under flooring and within sumps, bilges and oil catch pans.

And as low level indicators preventing run dry conditions for oils, hydraulants and coolants.

If our standard range of sensors do not meet your needs, our engineers will work with you to find the right sensing solution.

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Optical liquid level switch

Optomax Digital

Ideal for applications with restricted space that require a miniature, low power, low cost sensing solution.

Optomax Industrial Liquid Level Switch

Optomax Industrial

Designed to offer industrial supply voltages and outputs that can directly drive higher power loads.

Optomax Industrial Glass Liquid Level Switch

Optomax Industrial Glass

Designed to operate in aggressive environments due to their stainless steel construction and glass sensing tip.

POS Glass Tip Liquid Level Switch


Ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, aggressive chemicals and extremem temperatures as they can operate up to 140⁰C

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