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Low cost solution to high price of leaking liquids

SST’s sensors are a proven solution to alerting or shutting down equipment before the unwanted presence or loss of fluid becomes a bigger problem. The addition of a sensor for this purpose provides a value added selling point to differentiate a product.
The end user receives product confidence when protected from system downtime, loss of valuable fluids, preventing run-dry events and the surrounding damage that liquids will cause.


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Suited to many applications, SST has the broadest range of single point optical sensor solutions designed to work in extremely demanding situations

  • Telecommunications cabinets – protection from water ingress, especially when in remote locations
  • Peristaltic pumps – prevention of the loss of valuable liquids like medicines, alert to issues at early stages
  • Floor leak detection – highly sensitive and reliable sensors for alerting to leaks under flooring and in bilges and to levels in sumps
  • Catch pans, drip trays and low level indicators – Alerting to leak issues in small and confined spaces. Prevent run-dry events. Suited to sight-glass replacement and automating processes.

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SST has the broadest range of single point optical liquid level sensors and the capability to work with you on bespoke requirements. These sensors are longer life and more reliable than other technologies, easy to implement and can save on design time by directly driving your system.

  • Designed to work in many liquid types – food & beverage, water, oils, coolants and aggressive media
  • Low cost leak protection solution especially for critical system
  • Long life and long term reliability – solid state with no moving parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Miniature sensor – compact and ideal for small spaces
  • Expert technical/application support available

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