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Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Emissions with SST’s Zirconium Oxygen Sensors

SST’s Range of Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors Have 25 Years Proven Operation in Combustion Controls Industry and many other applications which require harsh environment operation.

Many manufacturers of industrial boiler heating equipment have discovered the benefit of using SST’s Zirconium oxygen sensors to improve efficiency and reduce fuel costs. Zirconium Dioxide sensors are the most common type of sensor used in this field and the sensors from SST have been used reliably in boiler exhaust gasses for many years.

The can be used regardless of fuel type and are currently operating in gas, coal, oil, biomass and waste fuelled systems.


How Does the Technology Work?

The air to fuel ratio on boilers is set during commissioning. Over time, though, this falls away from the optimum because of changes in the fuel’s calorific value, changes in the combustion air temperature and wear in the control linkages.

Boiler controllers with SST Zirconia Dioxide Oxygen Sensors overcome these problems by continuously measuring the free oxygen concentration in the boiler flue – an accurate indicator of the air to fuel ratio. The controller then regulates the air rate to maintain the best combustion conditions at all times, maintaining maximum boiler efficiency, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

The full porous stainless steel cap allows free flow of the flue gases to reach the sensor while trapping any soot or debris which might otherwise lead to sensor malfunction. SST’s sensors will last for years even in badly regulated combustion processes before the dirt and pollution has any effect.


Why use SST’s Zirconium Oxygen Sensors?

  • Proven track record, very robust sensor with many years of operation in boiler exhaust gas
  • Highly accurate in aggressive, high temperature environments
  • Single point calibration with no reference gas required
  • Supplied with our without control electronics.

Additionally SST offer full technical support for our customers where we will help you select the correct product for your application and provide advice on all aspects of installation and operation.

Our customers who use these sensors can offer a distinct competitive advantage to their customers.

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What our customers say…

“I wanted to thank you for your time, patience, expertise and support…your sensors have performed perfectly…I have a number of competing products that were sent to me but none of them close to competing with your sensors”

Eutectic Solutions

“Your sensors are doing really well in service… the reliability is significantly better”

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc

Other Applications

  • Boiler/Furnace efficiency improvement for Coal/Oil/Gas/Biomass
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Controlled environment transportation – perishable goods storage
  • Aviation
  • Accelerated composting
  • Agriculture
  • Controlled atmosphere monitoring
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Vehicle emissions monitoring



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