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Need An Oxygen Sensor with Long Operating Life?

SST’s Range of Oxygen Sensors Can Give Your Product a Competitive Edge over Various Oxygen Sensor Technologies

With a 5 to 10 year operating life, SST’s range of robust, reliable and highly accurate Zirconium Dioxide and Fluorescent Based Optical Oxygen Sensors are the product of choice for many applications in Aviation, Industrial, Medical and Transportation markets

for reasons such as;

  • Long Operating Life
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Extended Temperature range
  • Accuracy

Why not compare us to your existing oxygen sensor technology and see how you can improve your products. We can provide free application and technical support and get the RIGHT SENSING SOLUTION for you!


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“We received your oxygen sensors yesterday and had them up and running by the end of the day. They work beautifully! Congratulations on a truly excellent product!”

Coldchain, LLC

“Choosing SST for our oxygen sensor needs has proven to be a wise choice, we look forward to a long productive relationship”

What Makes Our Oxygen Sensors Different?

Our Fluorescent based Optical Oxygen Sensors, LuminOx, were designed to overcome many issues associated with electrochemical technology, the biggest issue being lifetime and RoHS compliance. Our LuminOx sensors can give your product an overall competitive advantage compared to various technologies. Here is why;

  • Small ‘Can’ style package
  • Temperature and pressure compensation integrated into packaging
  • Low power
  • Long operating life
  • High accuracy
  • Cost Effective
  • RoHS compliant
  • Maintenance free
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Factory calibrated
  • RS232 output from sensor with additional output electronics available
Our Zirconia Oxygen Sensors provide a very robust and reliable product capable of operating in ambient or challenging environments.

  • They are small, accurate but offer a wide measuring range
  • They create a linear output signal
  • They have a long operating life
  • They have a rugged stainless steel construction both internally and externally
  • They can be used directly in high temperature, high pressure and high polluted gases
  • They have a high resistance to corrosion allowing use in aggressive, harsh environments
  • They do not require temperature stabilisation
  • They do not require a reference gas, creating the ability to measure any oxygen content


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