Optical Liquid Level Switches – Overview

Optical Liquid Level Switches - Overview

In many applications, people need to detect the presence or absence of liquid. That’s where SST Sensing Ltd comes in, offering a broad range of single point optical liquid level switches.

A vast range of sizes, materials, housing styles and electrical connections are available to meet your needs.

SST’s liquid level switches are unlike other technologies. They have a long operating life, low sensitivity to ambient light and are solid state so there are no moving parts to fail. Their ability to function in wide operating temperatures and harsh liquid media, results in a highly reliable sensor for use in extreme conditions.

How does the sensor work? When in air, the infrared light inside the sensor tip is reflected back to the detector. When in liquid the infrared light is refracted out of the sensor tip, causing less energy to reach the detector.

From low power switching and compact packages to those capable of handing higher voltage inputs and a larger output drive.

Preventing expensive damage, flooding or run dry operation in level control systems is a common application for our sensors. An example of this is monitoring fluid tank levels in off road construction vehicles.

Sometimes you just need to know where liquid is somewhere it shouldn’t be in order to protect valuable equipment and prevent service interruption. A common example of this is in outdoor telecommunication enclosures.

If our standard range of sensors do not meet your needs, our engineers will work with you to find the right sensing solution. Get in touch with us and Ask the Expert Today!



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