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Capacitive Level Switch Alternative

An alternative to Capacitance Level Switch technology is SST’s Optomax industrial glass range of liquid level switches. This level sensor is one of our most durable and reliable point level sensors due to their stainless steel and glass construction. The Optomax Industrial Glass Sensor is known to be a good alternative to Gems range of capacitance oil level sensors and switches. The Optomax Industrial Glass range is the ideal solution for applications such as power generation equipment, off-highway vehicles, generators, food and beverage, medical, rail, HVAC and coolant monitoring.

With little maintenance SST’s level switches mounts in any position (for best performance mounting at the side and bottom of the application is recommended), they are compact and offer industrial supply voltages and outputs that can directly drive loads.

The 316L stainless steel single point liquid level switch can operate up to 600 bar (8700 psi) with housing threads suitable for external sensor mounting and for use in operating temperature range -40 to 125°C.

Samples for the Optomax Industrial Glass range of liquid level switches are available on request for this product. For high volume production orders, please contact us.


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