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Gas Analysis Probe (GAP)

Designed for monitoring of oxygen content within flue or stack gases, the GAP has relays, analog and modbus outputs along with pressure and temperature compensation making it a complete analyzer for combustion optimization and burner/boiler trim applications.

A compact zirconium-oxide analyzer to efficiently monitor excess air in combustion processes. The probe is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and can handle sample temperatures up to 700°C with an insertion length of 435mm (17.126″). The sample is extracted to the sensor chamber and returned to the flue via the Pitot effect, so there is no need for instrument air. The analyzer operates without the need for an air reference.

Designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The GAP’s user replaceable sensor can be cleaned or replaced in seconds.


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  • Combustion control of burners fueled by natural gas, light oil, diesel, coal and biomass
  • Excess air analysis
  • Boiler trim control
  • Incineration furnaces
  • Power generation
  • Combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT)
  • Ceramic furnace monitoring


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