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SprintIR®-6S Fast Response CO2 Sensor

The Ultra fast response CO2 sensors with 6 times faster response rate than the current SprintIR®-W is ideal for high speed applications. The SprintIR®-6S has response rates that go unmatched by any other NDIR CO₂ sensor.

SprintIR®-6S Fast Response CO2 Sensor is designed for applications that require capture of rapidly changing CO₂ concentrations, and is suitable for measuring concentrations from 0-100%. The sensor takes up to 20 readings per second, and has a 6 times faster response rate than the current SprintIR® CO₂ sensor, making it the world’s fastest battery-powered NDIR CO₂ sensor. This is achieved by using a small sample volume of only 2ml.


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  • Academia
  • Food packaging
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Battery powered systems
  • Portable, wearable and self-powered applications
  • Capnography measurements
  • Respiration analysis


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