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Refund Policy

SST Sensing Refund Policy

Outlined below is the refund policy of SST Sensing Ltd.

  • The Company will free of charge make good by repair, or by its option, by the supply of a replacement, defects which under condition of proper use appear in any goods manufactured by it and which arise solely from faulty design or materials or workmanship provided that the equipment is returned carriage paid to the place of shipment or dispatch within 12 months after the date of shipment or dispatch by the Company.  The Company, may, at its option, issue a credit note to the Purchaser for goods returned under this clause.  If inspection by the company does not disclose a defect within the terms of this warranty, the Company’s regular charges will be payable.
  • If the Company supplies goods not manufactured by it (i.e. not identified by the company’s part number) such products will carry only such warranty as is provided by the actual manufacturer of such goods and no further liability therefore shall attach to the Company.
  • The purchaser agrees to indemnify the Company again against any loss or damage that may arise through the use or supply by the Purchase or orders of the goods.

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