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SST’s Liquid Level Switches

SST’s liquid level switches have unrivalled reliability and accuracy

SST’s liquid level switches are a much more reliable alternative to such things as float switches.for detecting the presence and absence of liquids.

  • Long operating life
  • Solid state: no moving parts to fail or get jammed by debris
  • Compact designs for installation in small spaces
  • Easy installation and interfacing saves design time
  • Robust housing materials suited to a broad range of fluids and chemical types
  • Wide operating temperature and pressure ranges
  • Accurate and precise switching upon minimal liquid contact
  • Low sensitivity to ambient light
  • Work in foams and traditionally “difficult” liquids such as milk
  • A vast range of sizes, materials, housing styles and electrical connections available

From low power switching and compact packages to those capable of handling higher voltage inputs and larger output currents that can directly drive a load, SST has the broadest range of solutions and capabilities to customise to your requirements.

We have more information on how our Optical Liquid Level Sensors work.

Typical Applications –

Please see the overview video for the operating principle and ASK THE EXPERT about right solution for your application today.

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