Low Power CO2 Sensors

Product Measurement Range Power Consumption Time to 1st Reading Response Time Temperature & Relative Humidity Analogue Output Option
CozIR-Blink CozIR®-Blink 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0- 10000ppm (0-1%)<500μW @ 3.3V<3.5 seconds<30 Seconds (Diffusion limited)Available on requestAvailable on request
CozIR®-LP 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0- 10000ppm (0-1%)<3.5mW @ 3.3V<1.2 seconds<30 seconds (Diffusion limited)n/an/a
CozIR®-LP2 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0- 10000ppm (0-1%)<3.5mW @ 3.3V<1 second<30 seconds (Diffusion limited)n/aAvailable on request
CozIR Ambient Air CO2 sensor CoZIR®-A 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0-1%3.5mW @ 3.3V<1.2 seconds<20 Seconds (Diffusion limited)n/aAvailable on request

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