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SST Develop Cost Effective Solution to Carbon Dioxide Danger

As building design increasingly embraces low energy solutions so the concern over internal air quality increases. Monitoring the levels of carbon dioxide found in homes and businesses has become increasingly important and in response to the increased demand from local authorities, architects and builders for accurate, reliable, maintenance free carbon dioxide detectors we have developed the AQ-Alert+.

The AQ-Alert+ System is the latest addition to the range of Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Monitors. The system measures the concentration of carbon dioxide with options to also measure oxygen concentration, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity allowing effective control and management of air quality. An additional benefit is the detection of leaks from refrigeration, HCFC and CO2 that will send an alarm signal if the air quality is deteriorating.

What’s most interesting about the AQ-Alert+ though is its price. Our Lanarkshire-based research and development unit have developed a carbon dioxide sensor that has the highest specification, innovative design and build quality but is half the cost of its competitors.

Already the AQ-Alert+ has been placed on a number of tender lists and initial enquiries have been high. SST Sensing will showcase the AQ-Alert+ and a number of other sensing products at the World of Technology & Science Trade Show in Amsterdam at the end of September.

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