SST Expand Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Screwfit Range to Include NPT Thread

SST Sensing, the leading designer and manufacturer of best in class Zirconia Oxygen sensors, introduce a variant to the popular zirconia oxygen sensor screwfit probe range with an NPT fitting.

Extending the range from metric to imperial threads provides design engineers with an alternative option on fixing and sealing the sensor into a gas measurement system.

The O2S-FR-T2-34NPTA has a ¾” NPT process connection providing a sensor suitable for use in high pressure and temperature environments.

Its fast response of <4 seconds allows quick monitoring and control of the gas stream and all stainless construction and non-depleting technology ensures a long lifetime in aggressive

The use of the SST Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Screwfit range within industrial and medical applications are increasing as design teams appreciate the high accuracy, minimal drift properties of the unique construction of these linear 0-100% sensors.

Covid-19 has put stress on medical device supply chains and using a sensor with a lifetime of up to 10 years avoids the possibility of lack of sensors and ultimately reduces cost of ownership to the customer.

Requiring no reference gas and only an infrequent single point calibration in fresh air or 100% O2, also contributes to lower cost of ownership and ease of use to the customer.

The zirconia oxygen sensor screwfit range however by their construction and operating principle of containing a heating element to get to the temperatures required for operation, can sometimes present a challenge to design engineering teams.

Working in partnership with a medical breathing support equipment manufacturer, SST Sensing have solved the management of the heat by introducing the Miniature ZrO2 sensor fitted with a PTFE heat isolator.

In the O2S-FR-T3-PCB format our fast response (<4s) miniature ZrO2 sensor provides an easy to fit and seal to a gas stream sensor in a 12mm O/D package with exposed electrical connections making interfacing to control systems simple.

Although designed in partnership with a medical company, the O2S-FR-T3-PCB is an industrial grade sensor constructed in stainless steel and with high tolerance to shock and vibration. A variant of this sensor is also used within our aerospace applications.

Available with optional electronics interface card to provide industry standard RS485 Modbus RTU, 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs for 0-25% or 0-100% oxygen measurement, allows simple connection and fast diagnostics.

Available to sample with quick delivery and ongoing technical support by design engineering teams to get designs optimised and your products to the marketplace quickly and painlessly.

Talk to SST Sensing now for world class oxygen sensor design and engineering support.

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