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SST Introduce First New Product To Their Instrumentation Range

AQ-Alert+ Air Quality Monitor

SST Sensing Ltd recently launched their first multi-gas sensor system into the instrumentation market. The AQ-Alert+ Environmental Monitoring System was designed for the surveillance of air quality in schools, offices, homes, public buildings and hotel rooms. Being a new and exciting direction for SST, their overwhelming knowledge and experience in the sensing and control industry makes the decision in moving higher up the value chain in developing sensor systems opposed to sensor components an easy one to make.

The affordable AQ-Alert+ System measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air with options to also measure oxygen concentration, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. Marketing Manager at SST, Siobhan Dalziel explains that, “As well as offering standard versions of the AQ-Alert+, which suit most customers’ application requirements, the AQ-Alert+ is completely configurable, meaning that you can customise the system to exactly meet your specific application needs. We feel that this flexibility to customise exactly what the customer wants, as well as offering a basic standard unit, gives us competitive edge from anything else that is on the market today”.

Any combination of output is available and the traffic light LED indicators can be set to illuminate at your chosen CO2 levels. The compact and maintenance free design assures long term stability in any ambient environment.

Part of SST’s marketing strategy is to target the construction industry, particularly in the public, private and commercial sectors with the Air Quality Environmental System. Dalziel states that “our market research team gathered information on the UK construction market and reported that the number of UK construction projects has increased by 15% compared to last year’s figures. The key driver being private housing, followed by commercial sectors, office projects, retail, hotel and leisure.

The healthy growth especially in the private and commercial sectors give us as a company increased confidence in our marketing strategy to boost sales revenue for this particular product range and we are very excited to see where this new direction takes us.”

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