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SST Introduces Screw-Fit Oxygen Sensor to Further Enhance User Convenience

O2S_FR_T2_18A_B_CSST Sensing Ltd., leading supplier of advanced gas and fluid sensing technology continues to expand its portfolio of high accuracy oxygen sensor devices. The Zirconia Screw Fit Housing option provides engineers with the basis for a simple to implement solution, where only the sensor head itself is exposed to the sample gas environment. All of the supporting electronics can thus be kept away from sources of potential harm and long term reliable operation ensured.

Supplied in an M18 x 1.5mm mounting threaded housing, with a robust stainless steel construction, the device can cope with extreme temperature levels (from -100°C up to 250°C). This makes it highly suitable for combustion control within industrial coal/oil/gas/biomass boilers, continuous emission monitoring systems and accelerated composting applications. Supporting an oxygen pressure range of 2mbar to 3bar, it has a 5mbar accuracy and maintains strong linearity across its entire temperature range. The sensor has a rapid response time (<4secs) and covers oxygen concentrations of 0.1% to 25%.

To accompany this sensor, SST offers the OXY-LC high performance interface board, which incorporates all the processing electronics necessary to address the application’s specific requirements, as well as powering the sensor itself.

Based on zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), SST’s oxygen sensors attain industry-leading performance specifications. By combining Nernst Effect and oxygen ion pump sensing mechanisms, the need for a sealed reference gas and frequent calibration is eliminated – thereby resulting in more compact, easy to install systems with prolonged trouble-free lifespans that are not subject to sensor depletion.

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