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SST Sensing to Launch Universal Gas Transmitter for Single Gas Detection

OMNIGASSST Sensing Ltd (UK) have been providing robust and reliable gas sensing solutions to industry for over a decade. Their goal is to deliver a range of cost effective, high quality gas sensing instruments which exactly meet the customers’ application requirements. SST achieve this by offering a wide range of options from a basic single gas sensor to a top of the range touchscreen multi gas analyser.

The Universal Gas Transmitter is the next single gas sensor within SST’s GasTrack brand of instruments to be launched to market. This range of single gas detectors can be used to monitor and transmit chosen gas levels in range of industrial, HVAC and general commercial applications.

The environmentally robust stainless steel transmitter offers a range of user selectable gas types for single gas detection. It’s compact and has been factory calibrated. Offering industry standard output options such as 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS232/RS485 RTU, single relay and PMW makes the Universal Gas Transmitter versatile and flexible enough for customers to meet their application specifications.

Full application and technical support is available from SST’s sensing experts to help you identify the right sensing solution for your application.

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