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SST Supports Local Karate Club at Danish Open & East Whitburn championships

As most of you are aware, SST sponsor Wado Kai Central Karate Club, a local Karate club based in Holytown. Last weekend 6 of their members went to Denmark for the Danish Open. This was the second year the team had been part of the competition. Last year they all got a little stage fright and didn’t do so well but this year they were on fire. What a difference a year makes.

The exhausted members returned home with an amazing 4 medals. Josh Burns and Rebekah Bonar both returned home with silver medals. Rhys Brown also returned home with a Bronze. Kian Burns and Rhys Brown also received a silver medal along with two other members from their Federation for the 4-man team. Hayden Hamilton was amongst very difficult opponents, she was very unlucky and still managed to get 5th place. Kian Burns was also extremely unlucky in his third round and it was an unfortunate refereeing decision that put him out. It was Daniel Clarke’s very first selection. Unfortunately, he lost 1-0 but he gave 100% and Grant said he couldn’t have asked for anymore from him.

It was a great trip for the team, Congratulations from everyone at SST.

Yesterday 49 kids from The Club took part in the East Whitburn championships. There was a wide range of ages that took part from 4 years to 13 years old. This was a great opportunity to show off the skill from all the kids at Wado Kai Karate Club as it was the first  for most of them.

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