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SST’s Alternative to Float Switch Technology

Float Switch Technology Alternative

Optical liquid level switches are a premium solution to level control but at a price which is comparable with other less reliable low cost solutions. We offer a full range from basic products with control outputs to high temperature, increased voltage and current outputs which allow customers to switch relays and equipment directly from the sensor and are a good alternative to float switch technology.

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Why Choose SST’s Liquid Level Sensors?

  • Miniature package – compact and ideal for small spaces
  • Highly reliable and long life – solid state with no moving parts
  • Easy to install, accurate and fast response switcing
  • Operating temperature ranges: -40?C to +140?C
  • Wide range of power supply and output drive options ( up to 1A)
  • Wide range of suitable mounting options
  • Industry applicable housing material available (incl. food/beverage)
  • Customization available for application specific requirements


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What Are Typical Applications?

As a liquid level indicator for max/min level control systemé

  • Food, beverage, milk, alcohol and drinking water applications
  • Fluid level control in medical, industrial and domestic products
  • Fuel tank levels in vehicles, aircraft and static equipment
  • Low level indication of hydraulic fluid/coolant levels (sight glass replacement)

Leak/liquid presence detection

  • Alarm in overflows of liquid presence
  • Oil sump and bilge pumping monitoring
  • Printer heads (3D, food and ink)
  • Outdoor, rainwater leak detection (protection of boxed electronics)
  • Peristaltic pump leak detection


What Our Customers Say…

“I wanted to thank you for your time, patience, expertise and support…your sensors have performed perfectly…I have a number of competing products that were sent to me but none of them close to competing with your sensors”

“The level sensors are fantastic and have been beautifully robust”

“Thanks for all your support, the sensors are flawless and SST has performed wonderfully”

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