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The Low Cost Leak Detection Solution for Expensive and Critical Systems

The increased use of small and metro cell technology has resulted in a growing number of units being delpoyed in locations which are difficult to access and not subject to regular inspections. Enclosures, cabinets and housings of these cells are at risk of fluid ingress, putting critical electronic systems and the end users’ service at risk.

Telecoms 3_1

An industry proven solution to this problem is to install the SST low cost leak sensor to detect the presence of fluid in the cabinet (Leak Detection). Providing security and product confidence-positively contributing toward insurance premiums.

The sensitivity of these sensors means that it only takes a very small amount of contact with liquid to trigger the alarm. This catches the problem in critically early stages before expensive damage and service interruption occurs.

The image to the above is an application example with the sensor mounted into the sump of the telecoms cabinet.

Low cost leak detection solution for expensive and critical systems:

  • Long life and long term reliability –solid state with no moving parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Miniature sensor –compact and ideal for small spaces
  • Customisation to meet your assembly requirements
  • Expert technical/application support available

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