What Makes SST’s Oxygen Sensors Suitable for Most Application Types?

LuminOx Flow-Through

LOX-02-F is SST’s Flow-through type sensor with a sealed base. Allowing for customers to take a sample of the measurement gas into the sensor from the process environment. This design has improved the sensor response time to <10s, at the recommended flow rate.

LuminOx Flow-through Optical Oxygen Sensor
LuminOx Sealed Optical Oxygen Sensor

LuminOx Sealed

The LOX-02-S is SST’s sealed diffusion type sensor. The base of this housing has been sealed meaning customers have the option to expose only the sensor face with the protective membrane into the sample gas environment, while the base can remain external.

LuminOx Original

The LOX-02 is SST’s original diffusion type sensor where the base is not sealed. Meaning customers are therefore able to immerse the sensor completely in the sample gas environment.

LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensors

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