OBIGGS (On-Board Inert Gas Generating Systems)

SST’s highly reliable zirconium dioxide oxygen #sensors are at the very heart of the control of the inerting systems known as OBIGGS (On-Board Inert Gas Generating Systems) in Boeing, Airbus and many other civilian aircraft.

Recommended Product: Zirconia Flange Sensor

UAV Fuel Monitoring

SST’s Glass tipped liquid level switches are used on-board cutting-edge UAVs which include multiple payloads & heavy fuel engines.
The applications can range from search & rescue and border control to 3D mapping and pipeline monitoring.

Recommended Product: Industrial Glass Range

Electric Aircraft Fluid Monitoring

New generation of electric aircraft still require fluids to be maintained & alarms generated for level indication. SST’s level sensors are trusted by developers to integrate into flight systems in some of the worlds most exciting new aerospace technologies.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Agriculture Drone Fluid Monitoring

The usage of drones in agriculture for early aerial identification of pest and diseases also now includes versions for crop spraying reducing the need for higher cost aeroplanes. SST’s liquid level sensors are used to monitor fuel and payload tank levels.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

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