From no flow to overflow

Blocked drains, clogged condensate lines and overflowing tanks are shared industry problems. To prevent an event, industries such as 3D printing, HVAC, hydroponics and water treatment have selected SST liquid level sensors Fast, reliable and designed for small spaces, our sensors are ideal as fail safe detectors when handling water or oil based liquids.

Recommended Product: Optomax Industrial Range

High Pressure Testing

Portable pressure systems for testing of gauges and hydraulic systems require oil level monitoring within their compressor system to ensure fast and efficient testing.
SST’s Optomax Industrial Glass, Stainless Steel sensors are suitable for pressures up to 8700psi and their stainless steel construction ensures chemical compatibility for long term operation.

Recommended Product:  Industrial Glass Range

Robotic Systems

Industrial robotic systems are expensive to install so it is crucial that they are operated and maintained correctly – any “down-time” can be costly! SST’s liquid level switches are used to maintain a minimum level or detect absence of oil in the system.

Recommended Product: Optomax Industrial Range

Lean Manufacturing

A well known issue within the manufacturing industry is the constant need to improve and decrease the amount of waste. SST’s liquid level sensors are used as a preventative measure in many production processes

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Boiler Combustion Efficiency

Reduce Emissions. Increase Efficiency.

SST’s Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors can help customers optimise their boiler combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market. This saves both money and the environment.

Recommended Product: OXY-Flex O2 Analyser

3D Printing

SST’s Trogamid liquid level sensors have been successfully tested in 3D Printing applications.
Our Trogamid sensors are resistant to resins used in 3D printers.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Industrial Oven Humidity

Enjoy a stroopwafel with your coffee?

Well SST’s oxygen sensors are used in the manufacturing process to measure the humidity in the ovens. They need to know the humidity, but normal humidity sensors are not suited to high temperatures (over +180°C).

Recommended Product: Oxy-Flex O2 Analyser

Mushroom Cultivation

SST’s Zirconia oxygen sensors are used for controlling the atmosphere in mushroom cultivation. Our sensors are used across the agriculture industry to optimize and boost crop production, as well as to accelerate compositing.

Recommended Product: Zirconia Screwfit


SST’s Gas Analysis Probe is used in incinerators with temperatures reaching up to +700°C. This allows the probe to measure oxygen content closer to the combustion chamber, meaning the ID fan rate can be more closely controlled, saving energy.

Recommended Product: Gas Analysis Probe

Landfill Monitoring

SST’s Optical oxygen sensors are used in wellhead-mounted control units across landfills. The sensor remotely monitors and measures Oxygen (O2) levels for gas samples to be collected. This Improves collection efficiency & optimizes underperforming wells.

Recommended Product: Optical Oxygen Sensor

LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor

HVAC Performance Monitoring

SST supplies a wide range of industry-leading CO2 gas sensors based on IR optical detection #technology. They are used to measure the air composition in ventilation units to monitor the performance of HVAC systems in offices and commercial buildings.

Recommended Product: CozIR Blink CO2 Sensor

Vacuum Pumps

Monitoring the oil level in mechanical vacuum pumps for vacuum furnace applications is key to maintaining optimum vacuum furnace performance. It is critical to have an SST level control monitoring solution to prevent expensive damage or run dry situations.

Recommended Product: Optomax Industrial Range

Overflow Protection (Food & Beverage)

SST’s Trogamid level sensors are used in applications across the food & beverage industry due to Trogamids FDA and EU approval for direct contact with foodstuffs. An example of this is overflow detection in premium multi-functional cooking appliances.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Battery Powered Systems

Its world-leading low power consumption makes SST’s CozIR-Blink Miniature CO2 sensor ideal for battery-powered systems, including IoT applications and smart technology as it only requires a 3.3 V supply.

Recommended Product: CozIR Blink CO2 Sensor

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