Level Control

Water and oil based liquids

Oil and water don’t mix.

But they are both detected by SST optical liquid level switches.
Our sensors reliably detect water and oil based liquids. Opening application possibilities to handling a wider range of fluids types. We supply the widest range of optical point level sensor for low level, high fill, overflow and leak detection on the market today.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Level Control Monitoring Solution

SST’s liquid level sensors are in level control and detection applications. To know when failure occurs or when the level goes dangerously high or low, it is critical to have a level control monitoring solution to prevent damage or run dry situations.

Recommended Product: Industrial Glass Range

Whirlpool / Spa Baths

SST’s optical liquid level sensors are being used for controlling water levels in whirlpools and spa baths. The SST design has a conical tip which can be used as an alternative to Honeywell’s LLE series domed tip switches.

Recommended Product: Optomax Basic Range

Remote Level Monitoring

Remotely monitoring of assets within industrial and agricultural plant allows owners to alert to preventive and corrective maintenance through the monitoring of fluid, oil and coolant usage levels.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range


Brake Fluid Tanks
SST’s optical liquid level sensors are used for alerting to leak issues in small and confined spaces. They are used to prevent run-dry situations. Our sensors are compact and ideal for small spaces such as brake fluid tanks in snowmobiles.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

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