Capnography provides non-invasive, breath to breath analysis of a patients ventilation. It can be used to measure the partial pressure of CO2 in the exhaled breath. This measurement can prevent hypoxia during anesthesia and also provides information on metabolism and perfusion, which is important for airway management.
SST provide the high speed SprintIR series CO2 sensors, with 20-50Hz readings, making them ideal for such crucial applications.

Recommended Product: SprintIR CO2 Sensors

SprintIR-R CO2 Sensor

Peristaltic Pumps

SST’s liquid level switches are used in peristaltic pumps to capture any leaking fluid from the tubing which then alerts the system to stop the pump from running. This provides protects against the loss of high value fluid and costly damage to the pump.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

High Altitude Training Chambers

SST’s optical oxygen sensors are used to control the oxygen concentration within high altitude training chambers. High altitude conditions are simulated by reducing the ambient pressure as would be experienced while ascending to a certain altitude.

Recommended Product: Optical Oxygen Sensor

Optical Medical Oxygen Sensor

IVF Incubators

SST’s LuminOx optical oxygen sensors are used in IVF Incubators to measure the oxygen concentration in the media around the oocytes/embryos as the oxygen is reduced. By providing an oxygen reduced atmosphere has shown to improve the potential embryos under development.

Recommended Product: Optical Oxygen Sensor

Optical Medical Oxygen Sensor

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