Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled or modified atmospheres increase the storage life of certain fruit and vegetable cargoes. SST’s Zirconia oxygen sensor system can prolong the life of perishable food within refrigerated, controlled and modified atmospheres. We can supply complete solutions for quick and simple installation. Alternatively, we can offer component parts that are easy to retrofit into existing systems.

Recommended Product: ZrO2 System

Automotive Fluid Monitoring

SST’s switches can trigger an audible or visual indication to the driver to alert them to low levels of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (or AdBlue). Ensuring DEF levels are sufficient to allow the SCR system to operate effectively.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Lithium Battery Coolant Monitoring

Monitoring liquid coolant within high power density lithium batteries ensures long operating life from improved thermal stability.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

Battery System Monitoring

Battery technology is facing a revolution as higher density, longer life and compat systems are rolled out within the automotive industry. SST’s liquid level sensors are in use within Hydrogen fuel cells, lithium batteries and advanced aqueous air batteries.

Recommended Product: Optomax Digital Range

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