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Read through the white papers SST Sensing have produced for insights into oxygen sensors through the articles we have written

The Ongoing Evolution of Oxygen Sensor Technology

Accurately ascertaining oxygen levels is essential in many applications within the industrial, agricultural, storage/transportation, automotive and medical sectors. While scope of applications is expanding, the performance requirements continue to rise. Read more

LuminOx Outperforms Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Detection Has Historically Relied On Electrochemical Technologies Based On The Depletion Of Lead. Increased Demand And Growing Legislative And Commercial Restrictions Have Driven An Alternative Product Development From SST Sensing. LuminOx Is A Compact Fluorescence Based Sensor With Built-In Pressure And Temperature Compensation And A Simple UART Interface.. Read more

More Effective Approach to Oxygen Sensing

There are a plethora of different applications where the level of oxygen in a given environment needs to be determined – covering everything from the industrial, automotive, logistics/transportation and agriculture sectors right through to aerospace and healthcare. Though in some circumstances a relatively low level of accuracy is deemed acceptable… Read more

SST Offers Customisation of Optical Level Switch Range

SST Sensing provides sensing and control customised solutions that perform exactly to customer technical and commercial sensor requirements. If our standard product range do not suit your specifications, SST will discuss your requirements and look at designing a bespoke design that will exactly suit your needs. Whether that be due to peculiar operating conditions, intricate construction geometries, or distinctive design features.

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