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CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 Sensor

The CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 Sensor is our new range of ultra-low power, low profile CO₂ sensors – it’s the lowest power CO₂ sensor on the market today. The CozIR LP runs on a compact battery, removing the need for larger batteries and supercapacitors. That represents half the power consumption of the best-in-class competing CO₂ sensors. At less than 8mm tall it’s 85% smaller than the CozIR®-A Ambient Air CO2 Sensor which equates to a 40% space saving.

The CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 sensors are designed for building control, HVAC and indoor air quality applications where you are looking to monitor or controls levels of CO₂. The sensor can be integrated into battery operated units, portable devices and wearable technology.


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  • Aerospace
  • Food packaging
  • Horticulture & agriculture
  • Safety
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Automotive
  • Building control/IOT
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)


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