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OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

The OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyzer is suitable for measuring in oxygen closed systems, such as ventilation pipes and boiler exhaust flues.

The OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyzer is designed to measure the oxygen concentration in air or gas mixtures with temperatures of -100 to 400⁰C. The oxygen analyzer employs a well proven, small zirconium dioxide based element at its heart and due to its innovative design does not require a reference gas. The oxygen sensor element is mounted in the tip of the stainless steel probe and is protected by a sintered stainless steel cap.
The OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyzer uses a unique closed loop measurement system. While the sensor continuously measures the oxygen level, a heartbeat signal is also generated providing an immediate warning of any failures.

The OXY-Flex can be configured to output measuring ranges of 0-25% O₂ or 0-100% O₂. The entire measurement range is linear in both cases. The outputs can be configured to either 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc outputs or an RS232 serial communications interface.

Typical applications include; combustion control of industrial boilers, burning oil, gas, coal or biomass; incubators; composting probes and welding equipment.


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