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Optical Liquid Level Switch – Overview

Learn about our optical liquid level switches by watching this 2 minute video which explains the technology behind the sensor, typical applications, features and benefits.

Zirconia Oxygen Sensors – Product Overview

Learn about our zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors. This short 2 minute video which explains the technology behind the sensor in simplistic form, typical applications, features and benefits.

Liquid Level Switches for Leak Detection 

In many applications, it is critical to know the presence or absence of liquid. An early indication can help detect the loss of critical fluids, damage to equipment, costly service interruption and system downtime. Watch SST’s short video to learn more!

Zirconia Oxygen Sensors for Boiler Applications

Many customers use SST’s zirconia oxygen sensors to optimise their combustion processes in industrial coal, oil, gas and biomass boilers. Watch this short 2 minute video to see how SST’s sensors can maximise efficiency and minimise emissions.

Zirconia Oxygen Sensors for Controlled Atmosphere Applications 

SST Sensing’s zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors can help customers control or monitor oxygen levels in an enclosed space, to alert to hazardous oxygen levels, to control selected levels as part of a critical process, or prevent the possibility of combustion occurring.

Liquid & Chemical Compatibility

We have 2 plastics, polysulfone and Trogamid and these are both high grade engineering plastics. Typically, when 1 plastic is not suitable for a chemical, the other one will be. And if neither are suitable, then you can more to our higher specification glass tip sensors which are impervious to just about anything you can through at them.

5 advantages of optical level sensors over conventional float switches

This video provides an overview of SST’s optical liquid level switches, and the benefits of our sensors over conventional float switches. Our sensors are used all over the world and a wide range of applications. From run-dry pump protection, leak detection and high and low alarm systems…

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Zirconia Oxygen Sensors

The zirconium dioxide sensors can be purchased alone or with integrated electronics offering digital or analogue industry standard outputs.  Their long operating life is due to the non-depleting sensor cell technology. No reference gas is required and easy single point calibration can be performed in any known gas including fresh air. The oxygen sensors can measure over a wide oxygen range (0.1 to 100% O₂).

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Liquid Level Switches

SST Sensing’s optical liquid level switches detect the presence or absence of almost any fluid. They are solid state, so there are no unreliable moving parts. They are compact, only protrude a small distance into the application and are able to detect small amounts of liquid.

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